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NLP means Business - Special Summer Program of One Day seminars in Applied NLP

These exciting seminars have been created to bring some of the best of the 'toolbox' of NLP as used in business. If you want to develop yourself further as a leader, manager, coach or trainer then NLP has the leading edge, 'think smarter' skills and models for excellence - with bottom-line result-oriented solutions.

These seminars are suitable for people both new to NLP as well as those with an NLP background and can be taken as Continuous Professional Development days (CPD certificate provided)

1 - Making the Right Decisions in Business with NLP -
With Charles Faulkner 20th Oct 2005

Making the right decisions is an essential business skill. Yet where do you learn this? How do you stay focused under pressure? Move from stuck or indecisive to aligned and decisive action?

In this informative and action packed seminar you will learn, in an accelerated format, the secrets of outstanding decision-makers. Strategies which are largely drawn from the unique NLP modelling of the world’s greatest money managers by Charles Faulkner himself.

You’ll discover exactly how to ‘re-strategise’ your thoughts and feelings to make the best decisions and move with confidence to successful action.

Charles Faulkner is an NLP Modeller, Trainer and author. He is known for his many original contributions to the fields of NLP, metaphor and modelling. His publications include NLP: The New Technology of Achievementand The New Market Wizards.


2 - Beyond 'win-win' - 21st Century Business Solutions with NLP -
With Simon Horton and Alex Marshall, t.b.a.

Simon Horton Picture Often real-world business issues are complex and multi-levelled. sometimes your off the-
shelf business solutions just don’t work.

NLP has conceptual models for identifying complex problem ‘space’ and relating it to systemic, feedback-driven, solutionoriented tools and approaches — and all in a practical and userfriendly way!

In this fascinating seminar you’ll learn how to resource and resolve your work-based issues for long term exponential gain in business results.

Simon Horton and Alex Marshall lead PPD Learning’s ‘NLP means Business’ team bringing in-house NLP solutions to organisations. They specialise in leadership and team issues, success strategies and communication excellence.

Each seminar is £150 (plus VAT)

For more information on these NLP means Business seminars please email:
or call 0870 7744 321

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