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Transforming Beliefs

This advanced workshop is a module of our Master Practitioner that we have opened up to a limited number of advanced students who wish to explore other people's abilities, either to acquire these for themselves or to enable others to acquire them.

What are beliefs & values anyway?

"Beliefs are thoughts, conscious or unconscious, which have grown into a generalisation about: causality, meaning, self, other, behaviours, identity, etc. Beliefs address the world and operating in it. Beliefs guide us in perceiving and interpreting reality. Beliefs relate closely to values. Values are what is important to you in a particular context. Your values are what motivate you in life." Bob G. Bodenhamer and L. Michael Hall; Figuring Out People.

What will you learn?

More than any other elements, values and beliefs are at the root of change and have a major effect on sustaining and integrating the NLP work you do. This workshop examines the nature of belief itself, and challenges you to examine your most deeply cherished and least conscious beliefs.

As well as presenting a host of NLP's most effective techniques, such as reimprinting and integrating conflicting beliefs, Judith explores the motivation for changes and the ecological context: asking the questions not usually asked, daring to turn NLP itself inside out and probing the purpose behind change work.

  • Discover the profound and far reaching changes that come from re-shaping beliefs and values
  • Identify limiting beliefs within yourself and others
  • Learn a variety of elicitation models for exploring the structure of beliefs
  • Expand your skills in facilitating and integrating lasting change
  • Acquire some of the most powerful techniques in the NLP tool kit; and address the implications of change; deepen your ecological sensitivity; create the framework for generative change

About the Trainer

What people are saying

"Unforgetable, Judith is an inspiration to the training and development field. She has a gift that she not only brings to the training environment, but also to the field of NLP."

"A true inspiration, a great trainer and truly respected."

"Impressive, sensitive, encouraging, enabling & lots lots more. I will carry a lot with me."

"Gave me so much inspiration, such a talented trainer and communicator. She kept the course so interesting and alive"

"Excellent. Great way of putting ideas across - and a great role model in the use of NLP in an integrated, natural way"

  • Prerequisite: NLP Practitioner Certificate
  • Dates: 9-11 January 2009
  • Venue: Central London
  • Price: £380 + VAT

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