In-house Business Programmes


business-beach-1-240We have a range of In-house programmes specifically designed for business. Each of these courses has been run successfully in a variety of sectors and businesses.

We can also adapt a course to your specific needs or design a bespoke programme. Please contact us for further details.

We regularly provide trained facilitators to give companies an edge in key meetings too. Please contact us for details.

Here is the range of In-house programmes currently available: 



 NLP Introduction


 Introduction to NLP for Business

Most people in business already know some NLP, probably without realising that it is NLP because it has permeated so much of management development, sales and service training. This workshop is an opportunity to get to know what else NLP can do for managers and leaders in equipping them to be even more effective in their work, whether in improving their personal presence and confidence, developing their communication and persuasion abilities, or increasing their ability to solve problems. This workshop introduces NLP and applying it to a variety of business contexts including those that participants bring to the event. 1-3 days.



Enhanced Interpersonal Skills


Effective Business Communication

This is for people who wish to improve the effectiveness of their business communication.  This event will help you to become an expert communicator with all managerial levels in the organisation as well as with customers and other stakeholders. For Middle Managers and other business communicators. 1 day.


Team Alignment for High Performance

Team working is now an essential element of the best organisational performance.  So how can you make it happen within a group?  This programme will develop strong, more honest working relationships, build understanding and support across the team, help negotiate agreements over key values and issues and maximise flexibility, initiative and commitment. Designed for teams with stretch targets, Low-performing teams, Newly created teams, Project teams, Merged teams, Virtual teams and, Teams experiencing difficulties. 2 days with 3-6 coaching sessions. Case Study


Advanced People Skills

Specially designed for Managers and Executives incorporating Personal Breakthrough Coaching. The programme includes Coaching sessions (Personal Breakthroughs) to move you through and beyond your real-life challenges or ‘difficult’ working relationships, and help you integrate your new skills practically and powerfully.   2-3 days


More Assertive More Effective

Many people confuse being assertive with being aggressive, however being assertive is about being clear, direct, and respectful. Almost everyone can benefit being more honest, and 'straight' in their communications.  Many of us avoid this because we are afraid of hurting other people.  Some of us find that when we think we are being direct, others find us critical.  This is because the way in which we are delivering the message is crude.  With practice we can learn to deliver difficult messages with consideration and respect, but without feeling we have to hold back.  By focusing on the ways of communicating that are respectful and honest, we can make our lives easier. 2 days. Case Study


Creating Irresistible Influence

Learn to see and hear what people really want - what is meaningful and important and influential. Greatly increase your influence and effectiveness by interacting with others in more meaningful ways. Learn how words, images and stories can create success, respect and lasting impact.


Step up to Personal Excellence

What does personal excellence mean for you? How would you really like to be living your life? Could you be leading a better career? Could you be happier in your life, have more energy? Even if things are good now, could you be even more successful in what you do? Whatever personal excellence means for you, we’ll teach you techniques that will enable you to get there. This course is fun and interactive and delegates will leave the program highly energised and motivated. For all levels. 1 day


NLP for Business Professionals


Leadership Development

Organisations can always benefit from more confident and competent leaders, with good communication skills. This programme includes the embodiment of a coaching approach to leadership, maximising the potential of others, the development of a ‘can-do’, problem solving attitude enabling organisations to have easier organisational change using Coach Leaders to enable staff to shift their mindsets and think differently. This in turn leads to increased innovation and creativity amongst leaders and their staff, improved staff retention and enhanced recruitment, significant performance improvements from leaders and their teams, creating measurable bottom line returns. So if you want enhanced customer, client and stakeholder relationships based on leaders who know how to listen, and elicit what’s important this is the course for your leaders. Senior or middle managers. 7 days. Case Study


NLP for Trainers

NLP for Trainers is for learning & development professionals to learn to apply NLP approaches and techniques to their various roles and tasks. An in-depth exploration of NLP applied to the Training Cycle, improving the effectiveness of learning and development interventions in an organisation. This is a highly experiential event developing the practical skills of Learning & development professionals of all kinds including operational trainers, internal training consultants and training managers. 3-5 days.

The Five Minute Coach©

When time is short, speed is of the essence, and you don't know the details of what’s happening … what’s your answer to the problems someone brings you?  How can you get someone to improve his or her performance? This programme is for Senior and middle managers faced with the challenges of working in a context of rising expectations and limited resources, needing to generate improvements to service, processes or products and searching for innovative ways to get things done. 2 days with optional 1day follow up to consolidate skills. Case Study


Rapid Coaching Skills for Managers

Credibility, confidence and trust are essential in a coaching relationship.  Line managers have a particular challenge as they have to find the right balance with performance and assessment responsibilities. The Coaching Skills for Managers Course is specifically designed for managers to quickly develop the key skills necessary to develop that trust and to deliver coaching as one of their competent management styles. For Managers. 2 days plus 3 two hour sessions including observation and one-to-one coaching within 10 weeks of the course.


Empowering Your Team

To enable you to empower your staff, and enhance their ability to think through problem situations. Do you find yourself doing too much, and are not sure how to delegate? Do people walk in to your office with a problem, and leave that problem with you? If you want to learn how to help people think through issues for themselves and as a manager you are aware that you are not capitalising on the skills of your staff then this is the course for you. If you don’t have time to come, as you are too busy over seeing your staff (this is a sign that you need to attend!) 3 days.


Business Strategy


Advanced Corporate and Business Strategy

This course is about corporate and business strategic thinking.  The course covers the process through building up from core values, vision and purpose through to analysing the present state and creating and testing strategic options.  The course is highly interactive and participants learn through building on their own skills and experience to overcome the challenges. This is designed to benefit through the participation of a diverse range of businesses.  However, it is possible to run the course for a single organisation leadership team with the outcome of developing their own corporate and business strategy. For Leaders and Senior Managers. 2 days.


Creating and Sustaining Successful Business Partnerships

This course is about creating and sustaining human relationships with successful business as an outcome. The course is for business owners, executives and managers who need to maximise their success through relationships.  You will learn the 10 ground rules plus the golden rule for successful human relationships and how to apply them within your business, and discover the secret to maximising the value of relationships with suppliers, customers and collaborators. Business Owners, executives and managers. 1 day.


Effective Decisions for Leaders

This course is suitable if you want to be able to overcome your natural decision making biases with a specific and active enquiry, be able to apply Situation Analysis tools to initial impressions, perceptions & biases to get at the significant decision factors, systematically vary key decision factors for a full range of options & effects, and identify and apply appropriate analogies to get to better options, scenario plans & execution strategies. In addition, if you’d benefit from being able to enhance the way you engage in knowledge-generating scenarios & action-oriented revisions, being able to make better use of colleagues and co-workers in coming to decisions and more effectively use automated decision support systems with their own. For executives who want specific strategies for dealing with the incomplete information and uncertain outcomes of complex decisions – organizational and/or financial. 1 day.


Strategic Thinking and Influencing

Strategic Thinking and Influencing are mental strategies for dealing with long term, broadly based and complex tasks. Gathered from people known to be exceptionally good at these skills, they are surprisingly simple, and all of the skilled people modelled in developing this programme, used them. Participants come to the course having thought and gathered information about, a real work situation that is still to be organised and dealt with.  They will also have to schedule at least two hours in the course break to think quietly! 4 days (in stages).

Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking may be taken as a standalone programme. This course will teach you to use a visual strategy to create a useful mental model of a challenging objective, that will enable you to keep track of complex and shifting information, and plan and monitor a way to achieve that objective. 2 days + ½  day.

 Strategic Influencing

Strategic Influencing may be taken as a standalone programme. In this course you will learn who to influence and how.  You will also learn a mental strategy for constantly updating your knowledge about the people and organisations which are important to the success of your work. 1 day + ½ day.


Modelling your Best Performance

At the very heart of NLP is the core skill of modelling capabilities and behaviours. We can use this to model the best performers in your organisation to find out what it is that enables them to achieve the levels of excellence that they do. This model of best practice can then be rolled out through the rest of the organisation. Whether it is modelling your best salespeople, your best technicians, your best managers or whoever, re-creating their levels of excellence in the rest of your organisation will significantly raise its performance and give it the competitive edge.


 Other Business Courses


How to Have Fun at Work and Get Great Results

Fun at work and getting results are not mutually exclusive! In fact, quite the contrary. Having fun increases employees’ energy levels, their creativity, their motivation and improves their relationships. It really does improve bottom-line measurables like productivity and sales. Think about it - do you prefer to buy from a happy supplier or a miserable one? For any team that needs revitalizing. ½ day or 1 day


Winning Presentations

Enjoy presenting your ideas and information - in confident and compelling ways. It's a vital skill for today's leaders. Combine the skills of NLP ('the inner game') with the Actors' 'Alexander' technique ('the outer game') to bring together the psychological and the physical aspects of successful public speaking. Case Study


Business Trainers

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Case Studies

Please contact us for further details on any of the above programmes or to discuss your needs further.




"It is a pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Judith Lowe and her training"
Robert Dilts

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Client Testimonial to Judith Lowe

“Throughout the course I was able to make some real break-throughs after some tough times. I have found and acknowledged my passion and I now feel that I have found the correct course to fulfil my life’s dreams.

All of this would not have been possible without you as our course leader. You have a real gift when it comes to teaching and coaching and I am proud to have been one of your students.

Your energy, warmth, eloquence, humour and above all passion for NLP and all your students have made the time for me and indeed all of us very, very special. I really want to thank you for that!”

Hugo Blom (2010)