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The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® and NLP

With Katrina Patterson

Why this course is different?

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI) is an extremely powerful instrument for understanding the differences between individuals. Backed by a wealth of research and statistical data, it has become the most widely used personality indicator in the world. In the 50 years since it was first developed, it has helped millions of people in their working and personal lives.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of excellence in human performance - excellence which is translated into practical skills that people can learn. It helps us understand the different ways in which each of us filters information from the outside world through "meta-programmes". For instance, you may have been asked the question; "do you see the glass as half-full or half-empty?". This is just one example of a "meta-programme", an unconscious filter to our perception.

This course combines the authority of MBTI ® with the insight of NLP and will help you to understand the styles of working and thinking preferred by yourself and others.

What will you learn?

  • Which MBTI ® type you are and how it influences your personal and professional life
  • The unconscious filters (NLP meta-programmes) that shape our experience of life · How you keep track of time and the effect this has on your time management and time keeping
  • The value of diversity in the workplace and how it can lead to a whole "greater than the sum of the parts"
  • How to use MBTI ® and NLP to develop individuals and build teamwork

The benefits for you and your company:

  • Understand what kinds of work to take on and what kinds of work to avoid or delegate to others
  • Reduce stress levels and create more effective performances in yourself and others through the selection of appropriate work schedules
  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence or 'soft skills' in the workplace · Improve interview and appraisal strategies
  • Improve communications and enhance relationships through greater awareness of the different ways people operate in different situations
  • Access new ways of thinking and release more creativity

MBTI® and Myers Briggs Type Indicator ® are registered trademarks of Consulting Psychologists Press Ince. Oxford Psychologist Press Ltd has exclusive rights to the trademark in the UK.

About the Trainer

What people are saying

"Much of the success of the event was down to Katrina. Her enthusiasm, good humour and expertise created a safe and happy environment. A number of the team surprised me during the event by stepping outside their usual comfort zones. They did so because they had confidence in her and so in themselves. Indeed there were many occasions where Katrina seemed to be a member of the team rather than our course presenter. An excellent example of building and sustaining rapport." Chris Bough - Divisional Head, H M Customs and Excise, London

"I have learnt so much about myself and others. I never expected to cover as much as we did. Because of the practical exercises I was able to put the learnt theory into practice, hence making it memorable." Sandra, Trainer from London

"Katrina was great, she inspired trust and inspired me greatly." Harvinder, London

Pre-requisite: Open to all
Dates: TBA
Venue: Central London
Price: £TBA

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