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Modelling for Excellence

with David Gordon

Modelling is at the very heart of NLP. David Gordon has been instrumental in the development of many techniques to aid the modelling process, including the experiential array and the belief template. This workshop is a module of our Master Practitioner that we have opened up to a limited number of advanced students who wish to explore other people's abilities, either to acquire these for themselves or to enable others to acquire them. The experience of this workshop will increase your ability to enrich the quality of your own life and of those around you.

The workshop will allow you to:

  • Understand the structure that is generating a person's behaviour
  • Make sense of your own and others' experience in an ongoing way that gives access to profound change
  • Gain flexibility as a person
  • Learn how the elements of experience within mind and body are systemically connected to one another and affect one another
  • Learn which points in the system are the difference that make the difference in an ability

This will give you the know how to:

  • Use the model for modelling what identifies the elements of human experience
  • Portrays the dynamics that operate among the identified elements of human experience
  • Identify those who are excellent at what you choose to model
  • Get the information that sets them apart
  • Start and maintain a conversation to make conscious what they do unconsciously
  • Step into the exemplar's experience to gather information and check its completeness
  • Capture the relevant elements of experience
  • Find the critical elements which if present generate everything else
  • Understand the dynamics that are operating within the person's experience.
  • Take on the structures that work in a manner congruent with your own values.

About the Trainer

Pre-requisite: NLP Practitioner Certificate
Dates: 22 - 24 October 2004
Venue: Central London
Price: £360 + vat

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