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Language in Action

with Christina Hall

This is an opportunity to move your skills to new levels of effectiveness. And even more... Chris's focus in teaching is creating for you new realms of possibility in the understanding and use of one of the primary and most dynamic channels of communication -- your language. Your words have a power... a power to create your world. This advanced workshop is a module of our Master Practitioner that we have opened up to a limited number of advanced students who wish to explore other people's abilities, either to acquire these for themselves or to enable others to acquire them.

Discover the Art of Conversational "Intervention" with: The Power of Presupposition

  • Discover how the presuppositions in language affect unconscious processes.
  • Choose words for maximum impact and send communication at a deeper level for profound affects.
  • How to deepen rapport through language.
  • How to use presuppositional interventions to influence the process of change.

Tracking Time - Tracking Cognition

  • Discover how the organization of Time influences mental and physical processes.
  • Utilize the relationship between perceptual moves and timely orientations.
  • How to detect points of maximum linguistic leverage for easy unconscious change.
  • How to reframe with Time.

Logic and Interactional Syntax

  • How to organize syntax to build a foundation of possibility.
  • Discover how the choice of words influences the ordering the ordering of experience.
  • Learn how syntax builds bridges, opening the present and future for resources.

Reframing at different logical levels

  • How to influence beliefs conversationally.
  • Explore the connection between language and reality.
  • Discover the power of "labels" in organizing thought and behavior.
  • Learn how to use recursive patterns and reflexivity to create contexts which can make change an instantaneous and natural process.
  • Learn how to make even seemingly small and subtle changes in language that have a profound affect and benefit.

About the Trainer

Prerequisite: NLP Practitioner Certificate
Dates: 14 - 16 January 2005
Venue: Central London
Price: £360 + vat

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