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The Strategies of Great Decisionmakers

With Charles Faulkner

Most Decision Making is Unconscious

Contrary to popular belief, most decisionmaking isn't even conscious. Most decisions are made because they feel right. Research has shown that most people, most of the time, are making their decision using very simple rules and criteria with little thought of the consequences or anything else. This might be fine, except this means most of us are making our life decisions with strategies and feelings we unconsciously learned while we were in primary school.

Great Decision Making Can Be Learned

In contrast to this, professional decision makers - whether they are in finance, sports, politics, law enforcement or the military - have trained themselves to find more options, to get more criteria met, and to take the measured chances. Sometimes this is learned in the school of hard knocks, sometimes it is passed from mentor to apprentice. In only a few places is it explicitly taught. And there are patterns to great decision making.

Criteria is a Key

Much of business success is the utilization of criteria - yours and others. How much do you know about this important area? Discover how criteria organizes into life directing "themes of fulfillment". Use this knowledge to discover what you and others really want so that decisionmaking can move from individual events to a strategic life fulfilling direction. You can have a richly organized value systems instead of just a simple hierarchy of criteria. Discover your own Themes of Fulfillment and how to use this knowledge to make your world coherent, whole and purposeful

Strategic Decisionmaking

In the world at large, Charles is best known for his modeling of famous financial traders. In this course, he will share some of the secrets he has learned from them and other world class decision makers. You will learn how to have multiple "threaded" outcomes and scenarios so you are always moving forward. Learn the leverage of making multiple decisions at once. Remove habitual restraints to expanded thinking and replace them with real-time risk management skills.

About the Trainer

What people are saying

"Charles is one of the most innovative people working in NLP. His understanding of the theoretical underpinings of NLP is the deepest of any trainer I know." Lara Ewing, International Consultant & NLP Trainer

"Charles is a natural resource for NLP and clearly one of its leading thinkers. I have a tremendous respect for Charles' brilliance and know whatever he is doing will be part of the next emerging technology and bound to lead us to new ground." Gerry Schmidt, NLP Comprehensive Senior Trainer

Pre-requisite: NLP Practitioner Certificate.
Dates: TBA
Venue: Central London
Price: £TBA

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