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Genius and the Generative Self: Sponsorship Coaching for Creativity

With Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan PhD

What's unique about this programme?

You will be able to develop Genius Skills (e.g. technical brilliance, passionate work, achieving excellence, intentionality, emotional healing, integrity, sensual intelligence, self-regulation, love, core alignment) in yourself and others through a ‘sponsorship toolbox’. Also see how this innovative new system can be applied to business, coaching, training, mentoring and therapy.

Stephen Gilligan (PhD) and Robert Dilts were together at the beginning of NLP. They both went on to pursue excellence in their different disciplines: Robert in his development of NLP and its applications, especially in the area of business leadership and strategies of genius, and Stephen in Ericksonian Hypnosis and his own brand of psychotherapy. After twenty years apart, they have come together to develop this new system and present this unique seminar.

They share a deep commitment to helping people grow at an identity level, and a fascination with creativity. Deep creativity that leads to new, unanticipated places, to something unprec- edented. In other words, Genius Ý defined as “the superior or divine nature which is present in everything’. It takes you past evolution, stepping beyond what already exists, on a quantum leap towards revolution.

What participants will discover:

“Sponsorship” is a notion that Stephen has brought out of his work in hypnosis, and been developed by Robert to apply in business leadership, coaching, teaching and therapy. To- gether Robert and Steve will share their “Sponsorship Toolbox” to help you explore the nature of genius and bring more of it in your work and life. The skills of Sponsorship and of Genius will help you to:

  • Handle diversity without polarising
  • Listen beyond what is said
  • Practically apply systemic thinking
  • Recognise and utilize metaphor
  • Integrate seeming opposites
  • Take risks
  • Reflect and Connect
  • Become part of the Future
  • Operate at multiple levels and align higher levels

To this rich seminar, Steve also brings his humour, wisdom and poetry, and Robert his grace and analytical elegance. Together they create an atmosphere of deep respect, wholeness and multidimensionality Ý truly magical.

If you would like to bring into your own and others lives more skills that affirm life, and be able to better bridge the worlds between the analytical left brain and the deeper aesthetic right brain with new and surprising results, this seminar is for you.

Book now for this extraordinary seminar - places are strictly limited.

Pre-requisites: None (open to all)
Dates: TBA
Venue: Central London
Price: £TBA

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