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From Coach to Awakener: The Skills of Sponsorship

With Robert Dilts

What is unique about this programme?

There are many different ways to promote growth and development in both yourself and others. For the first time, this programme brings together all the various methods that support change, examining the essential ingredients that make up each approach.

Drawing on his immense experience in the field of human development, Robert Dilts has created an innovative new programme that will help you expand your awareness and understanding of each method or "level". You will explore each of the following levels and discover the necessary skills for success:

Guiding and Caretaking

Guiding and caretaking is the process of providing the environment and the support that will help another person progress from their present state to a desired state. It presupposes that the guide knows the best way to reach the desired state and can ensure that there are no outside distractions or interferences.

Coaching is the process of drawing out another person's strengths; helping them to overcome internal resistance and function as a part of a team. An effective coach observes a person's behaviour and gives them tips and guidance on how to improve their performance in specific contexts and situations.

Teaching helps a person to develop cognitive skills and capabilities. It focuses on the acquisition of general skills, rather than on performance in specific situations. A teacher assists the development of new strategies for thinking and acting. The emphasis of teaching is on new learning as opposed to refining one's performance.

In Greek Mythology, Mentor was the wise and faithful counsellor to the hero Odysseus. Thus, the notion of being a mentor covers the process of advising, counselling, and serving as a teacher. A mentor guides others to discover their own unconscious competences; strengthening beliefs and values, often through their own example.

Sponsorship helps others to grow by providing the right context, contacts and resources that allows them to develop their own abilities and skills. A key aspect of sponsorship is the development of identity and core values. The sponsor is not necessarily a role model and may have quite different skills to the individual or group being sponsored.

Awakening goes beyond coaching, teaching, mentoring and sponsorship to include the level of vision, mission and spirit. An awakener supports another person by providing contexts and experiences which bring out the best of that person's understanding of love, self, and spirit. An awakener "awakens" others through their integrity and congruence and being fully connected to their own personal vision and mission.

About the Trainer

What people are saying

"This is profound! I think that I probably got more form these 3 days than any other. It's beautiful to watch Robert work. He not only has great command over his subject, he puts it over so well too!" GB - Training Consultant, Berkshire

"I was able to learn effortlessly and with great enjoyment. He helped me to relax with the learning, entertained and interested me. He was great!" LC - Marketing Consultant, Surrey

"I found Robert extremely generous and warm to people. He made no attempt to sell, simply to share which was wonderful for me and others mentioned this too" KB - Berkshire

Dates: TBA
Venue: Central London
Price: £TBA

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