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Personal Mastery: Exploring Your Life Calling

With Julian Russell

Why this course is unique.

How often have you asked yourself the question, "What is my purpose in life?". Yet before you have had the chance to truly contemplate the question, let alone the answer, your attention is whisked back to the demands of every day living.

This course will allow you to find the answer to this vital question and discover your personal mission in life. Your personal mission or "calling" is a "path of mastery" that expresses the unique identity of who you are. The more your career is an expression of this, the more likely you are to be happy and fulfilled in your life.

What will this course teach you?

You will explore your answers to the following questions:

  • How will I know I have had a successful life?
  • What do I need to do to achieve this?
  • What goals, paths of mastery and states of being do I want?
  • What is my calling?

We will use the most sophisticated psychological approaches to "creating your future". We will also explore the mysterious - how "life is coming to get you", the way in which our destiny is calling us into the future. We can simultaneously have a sense of creating our future and of co-operating with our destiny.

What will this course do for you:?

You will:

  • Have a stronger sense of personal mission
  • Be able to develop a clear career plan
  • Be clearer about what is important in your life and what is not
  • Have a clear vision, enabling you to communicate more effectively with friends and loved ones about your life goals
  • Be more motivated and effective
  • Have increased presence and charisma
  • Have a greater sense of self

About the Trainer

What people are saying

"Very thought provoking. Triggered a lot of extremely useful internal discussion! Always a pleasure" Lindi Watts - Trainer

"Immensly encouraging and helped to deepen my awareness of an inner spirituality, made acceptable the unacceptable and enabled me to re-explore some mysteries" Pauline Poynton - Social Worker

"Prepare to be amazed! Set me thinking in completely new ways." Andy Watkins - Trainer

Dates: 16 - 18 February 2005 (3 days)
Venue: Central London Venue
Price: £360 +VAT

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