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NLP Programmes - The Ultimate NLP Master Practitioner Training

Why is our Master Practitioner training so special?


What will you gain?

What you will learn

What people are saying


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You got your Practitioner Certificate!

    Now come and get your Masters with us!

    Learn leading-edge generative NLP from some of  the worlds greatest trainers and innovators in the field

    Become a true 'master' in NLP - using powerful tools and technical with creativity and integrity - to build your skills to achieve your personal and professional goals

    This is a unique, advanced, 'fast track' intensive 20-day Masters Programme - 6 inspirational, fun and action-packed modules over 6 months.


What you will learn

The Path of Mastery with NLP
Judith Lowe
13 - 16 October 2005

Begin this fascinating journey of exploration and discovery in advanced NLP - Coaching and Modelling for excellence. The adventure that is the journey from Practitioner to NLP Mastery begins here! You’ll get the bigger picture of NLP as a field and further integrate, appreciate and future pace the tools and skills from previous trainings. You’ll be exploring different approaches to the NLP modelling of excellence and starting to identify the skill you want to acquire for your own special project. Judith will propose frames of artistry, community and wisdom for your experiences on this programme.

Exploring Inner Worlds
Charles Faulkner
11-13 November 2005

Become your own gifted ‘interior’ designer! Find out more about the patterns and techniques of learning and change. Learn even more about the fundamental organising principles of subjective experience and the powerful advanced techniques that use sub-modalities to change perceptions and meaning. Charles calls this training ‘Perceptual Cybernetics’.

The Wisdon of the Body with NLP
Judith Delozier
2-4 December 2005

Use physiology - 'somatic syntax' and 'new code' to create integrated transitions and solutions for work and life

Transforming Beliefs
Judith Lowe
13-15 January 2006

Update limiting beliefs and create new possibilities in your world. Achieve your full potential! Learn how to recognise and explore the structure of beliefs so you can experience, facilitate and integrate lasting change. Transform limiting beliefs and sensitively update your sense of self and sense of possibility in your world.

Explore working with belief systems for use in coaching, business, therapy and personal transformation. 

The Artistry of Change - for Personal and Organisational Transformation
with special guest Robert Dilts
3-5 March 2006

Discover the hidden powerful principle of 'harmony, balance and beauty' in resolving complex problems in practical ways. You'll learn how to apply your NLP in new ways - to get great results in your personal and professional goals.

The Power of Mastery
Judith Lowe
23-26 March 2006

Enjoy further integrating your own skills and tools for your future as a developer and contributor to the field of NLP


"The PPD Learning NLP Master Practitioner programme gave me the tools, perspective and developing wisdom to understand and address classes of real world business and interpersonal problems that had previously seemed intractable. A profound, balanced, companionable exploration from the deepest roots to the treetops of NLP - guided with wit and charm by the very best in the business. Fantastic...Thanks PPD."

Martin Crossley, Senior Manager, Orange