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"It is a pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Judith Lowe and her training"
Robert Dilts - March 2005

Upcoming Events

Practitioner Part 2 with Judith Lowe

with Judith Lowe
Central London
22 Jun 2006

Magic of Language

with Judith Lowe
Central London
08 Jul 2006

Discover NLP with Judith Lowe

with Judith Lowe
Central London
26 Sep 2006

Practice Group - Communication for Success with Simon Horton & Alex Marshall

University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1
03 Oct 2006

Master Practitioner Programme 2006-7

with Judith Lowe Charles Faulkner, Judith DeLozier, and special guest Robert Dilts
Central London (Covent Garden)
12 Oct 2006

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Books by Robert Dilts ...

1. Alpha Leadership Alpha Leadership - Tools for Business Leaders Who Want More from Life
by Anne Deering, Julian Russell, Robert Dilts
19 April, 2002
List Price: £19.99
Our Price: £13.99 (-30%)
2. Modeling with NLP Modeling with NLP
by Robert B. Dilts
31 July, 1998
List Price: £25.50
3. Changing Belief Systems with NLP
by Robert Dilts
List Price: £23.99
4. Tools for Dreamers
by Robert Dilts, Epstein
List Price: £25.50
Our Price: £17.85 (-30%)
5. Dynamic Learning
by Robert Dilts, Todd Epstein
December, 1995
List Price: £24.99
6. Tools of the Spirit Tools of the Spirit: Pathways to the Realization of Universal Innocence
by Robert Dilts
List Price: £19.99
7. Skills for the Future Skills for the Future: Managing Creativity and Innovation
by Robert B. Dilts
List Price: £25.50
8. Beliefs Beliefs: Pathways to Health & Wellbeing
by Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith
01 April, 1990
List Price: £11.24
Our Price: £10.12 (-10%)
9. Applications of NLP
by Robert Dilts
List Price: £23.99
10. Introducing Neuro-linguistic Programming: The New Psychology of Personal Excellence
by Robert Dilts, John Seymour, Joseph O'Conner...
12 July, 1990
List Price: £7.99

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