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About PPD Learning

If this is your first visit to our website, you may well be on the threshold of making profoundly rewarding changes in your life.

Maybe you are looking to develop your career further or wish to learn personal skills to help you deal with a specific challenge. Perhaps you simply want to find a deeper level of purpose and fulfilment in your life. Whatever you're looking to achieve, we at PPD are committed to providing you with the personal and professional skills you require to make this change.

What's special about PPD?

We've been providing high quality NLP training for over sixteen years, which makes us one of the longest established NLP training companies in the UK. Over that time, we've constantly refined and enhanced our training; ensuring our experience makes your experience immensely rewarding.

Our training is delivered by top quality international trainers, renowned for their abilities to communicate the essential ingredients of NLP with clarity, intelligence and humour. In fact, our team of trainers includes John Grinder - co-creator of NLP - as well as three of the five other original developers of NLP; Robert Dilts, David Gordon and Judith DeLozier.

Furthermore, PPD enjoys a special relationship with John Grinder which means that PPD offers its participants the unique advantage of having their Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certificates signed by John Grinder himself.

Because we use several of the leading trainers from around the world, we cover all the major schools of NLP - allowing you to draw from a rich and diverse mix of NLP thinking and experience.

Participation in The PPD Community
Our aim is to help every participant achieve their highest potential, which is why the needs and requirements of each participant always remain at the heart of our training courses. This is reflected in the provision of high quality personal coaching as part of the training process. And after the training, each participant is invited to join the PPD Learning Community to continue developing and evolving the skills they have learnt.

By employing the latest research and development, we believe our training remains fresh, enthusiastic and at the forefront of human learning. Our participants tell us this enthusiasm is extremely infectious.

Signed Judith Lowe
Judith Lowe Managing Director