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NLP New Code with John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair

John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair
are presenting in London 9 - 12 July 2004

John Grinder is ready for the next NLP breakthrough, are you?

John Grinder’s genius in co-inventing the field, as well as being an impeccable ambassador for NLP, stands unrivalled. Now you can experience the magic of John Grinder, first hand at this special New Code NLP seminar. John will lead this unique NLP experience in London, with his brilliant partner Carmen Bostic St Clair. This seminar is essential learning for anyone who claims to practice NLP or who wants to learn how to use NLP. John Grinder’s life time of innovation has impacted millions of people around the globe, and now you have an opportunity to meet and work directly with the man himself in the heart of London.

John and Carmen will present the very latest in New Code patterning, the ideas, designs, and games they personally use with corporate and individual clients alike. The following specifics will be included

  • New Code patterning
  • The use of multiple perceptual positions
  • The New Code change format
  • New Code games and other interventions
  • More refined linguistic distinctions such as description, interpretation and evaluation
  • Stalking (an intervention for when behaviour shifts at a speed faster than conscious awareness, or at a speed so slow that the client does not experience the change until fully submerged in the pattern)
  • A strategy for converting your favourite Classic Code formats into New Code, correcting the original coding flaws in Bandler and Grinder’s work
  • How to take advantage of the insights and development of the New Code

Learn more about this exciting event by visiting:

PS Book before 9 June and save £100